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The relationship we have with our community is special, and that you're the main reason we exist. You've proved it to us once again, which is why Tot wanted to thank you…

Dear Wakfunders,

It's time to take stock of the Wakfunding operation which ended yesterday. Let's not beat around the bush: we're delighted with the results.

In total, the operation raised 251,841 euros. This money will allow us to bring financing for season 3 of Wakfu to a close. Thank you very much to all of you.

But more than the sum in itself, it's what it stands for that is most touching to us. You love our creations, and have proved so by supporting us. We've received many messages of encouragement throughout this month, and in the end, that's what we needed most. I'd also like to take this opportunity to give a little wink to Regis of Toulouse for his very touching letter, received yesterday.

I've already talked about it many times on the forums, but it's quite hard to stay the course as we have been doing for over 15 years now. We love our work, and the goal of most of us is to entertain you, to amuse you…

If I had to sum up our jobs in a very naive way, I'd say our task is to "entertain you while being entertained ourselves". That may seem a little silly, but I think it's impossible to have a profound effect on people through a creative project – of whatever kind – without taking delight in developing it and without putting a little bit of who we are into it.

After 15 years of creations of all kinds, it's you we need the most to stay the course. We need your encouragement and support. It's vital for our morale and our desire to keep going for another 15 years. And this Wakfunding is typically the kind of project that warms our hearts. We hesitated for a long time before launching this operation. Even internally, 90% of Ankamians thought it was a mistake, and that we were going to be slaughtered on the forums.

On the contrary, you proved to us that you'd be there when we needed you. And honestly, that's the best Christmas present you could have given us.

We'll now be able to finish off our lovely little season 3 much more serenely.

Thank you for having been there, and see you soon,


We couldn't properly thank you without a quick word from Guillaume, who has followed the WAKFUNDING project from start to end, and was able to bring all the necessary skills together from Ankama's teams.

Hi Wakfunders!

It's Guillaume ("Gilou" to some), I won't be long. I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for having rallied around this project! The Ankamians needed a lot of energy for it, and even if it wasn't always easy, they've given it their all to give you great content under the best possible conditions. We're currently putting the finishing touches on the digital gifts related to season 3, and we'll pass them on to you as soon as possible over the course of the month.

See you soon!

We'll come back to the details of WAKFUNDING very shortly. It's only been closed for a short while, so give us a bit of time, and you'll find out some key figures and really interesting information regarding it in the next Letter to the Community: something new, beautiful, and… to be continued!

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