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Chase the rainbow to… Saint Potrick! From March 10th to 20th, join in this 100% Pandawa celebration! Go to Astrub to toast the accession of the goddess of drink and to complete a number of achievements. There's a whole pot of rewards to be won! 


Just like every year, the Pandawas are coming together to celebrate the arrival of their much-loved goddess. Far more than simply enjoying a glass of fermented Bamboo Milk together, Saint Potrick's Day is also your chance to free your inner gobball and win lots of gifts. Because this year, the Potrick Gobballs are out! Get ready to turn them green in the gills!

The rewards will also prove very tempting:

  • 1 costume
  • 1 Fairywork
  • 2 bonus consumables: Prospecting and Wisdom
  • 2 cosmetic consumables: Potrick Green Coloring and Clover Aura
  • 1 Haven Bag decoration
  • 3 cosmetic items





So come and visit Astrub from tomorrow, after 10:01 AM (server time), until March 20th at 10:00 AM (server time)!