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4月24日前,Ninja Race这个表情只卖3.5€或4000水晶,以及一次充值11000水晶以上也会送。


The warrior that you are deserves a race worthy of your status: with the Ninja Race! Until April 24th, not only is it offered at half the price in the Shop, but it is also a bonus gift whenever you purchase a pack of 11,000 OG* or more!

Slow and steady wins the race: you've got until 9:45 PM UTC on Monday, April 24th to catch the Ninja Race while it's within your grasp!
To do so, you have two options: you can buy it at half the price in the Shop, for €3.50 or for 4,000 Ogrines. You can make the most of purchasing Ogrines as well as it's a bonus gift with all packs starting at 11,000 OG (USA for example) or more. 


Don't wait to make this secondary race the emblem of your abilities!

A few reminders

  • The Ninja Race is linked to the account.
  • The promotion is available for the web Shop only.
  • Ogrine packs may vary from country to country. The Ninja Run will show up in the purchase process before payment is confirmed.