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即日起至6月15日,网页商城可以买到高博球盒子,售价2000水晶一个,能开出5国球员服装和龙鸟坐骑装饰的随机之一,坐骑装饰是绑定的。购买之后需要在网页主页菜单中选择COMMUNITY中的GIFT CODE打开盒子。


In a distant parallel universe, millions will be passionately rooting for people running after a ball for two months, and during this time the inhabitants of the World of Twelve will be able to show their team spirit for a real sport: Gobbowl! The Gobbowler Mystery Box is here!

Gobbowl fans, it's time to proudly wear your nation's colors! Tackle the Gobbowler Mystery Box, which contains the following items:

  • Amakna Gobbowler Costume
  • Bonta Gobbowler Costume
  • Brakmar Gobbowler Costume
  • Sufokia Gobbowler Costume
  • Riktus Gobbowler Costume
  • Dragoreferee Harness


The Gobbowler Mystery Box is available for 2,000 OG in the Shop until Sunday, July 15 11:59 PM CEST!