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A new race has just appeared in the Shop! The Great Crate Race is a bonus gift whenever you purchase a pack of 13,000 or more Ogrines. You have until March 5 to take advantage of this offer! So race on over to give it a try!

Between now and 11:59 PM CET on March 5, a new race is on offer and, at the very least, it'll have you thinking outside of the box! Walking about with your face hidden by a box does indeed have its advantages… Even if it just prevents unpleasant comments about your physique or to hide a nasty zit.  But that's not all!

The Great Crate Race (that's its name alright!) saves you from undesirable encounters by preventing you from being seen and thus recognized thanks to an unbelievably smart strategy: sticking a box on your head.

That way, you can race across the World of Twelve incognito and slip into private parties where you aren't usually invited! On the other hand, you might have trouble making friends, because chatting and forming bonds when you've got a box on your head isn't all that easy…

But you'd be wrong to leave your crate behind, though! Because, as you might have guessed, it'll guarantee you foolproof stealthiness…

Don't miss out, because this race will be free with any purchase of a pack of 13,000 or more Ogrines until 11:59 PM CET on March 5!  For once, you can box away to your heart's content and get away with it, so make the most of it!



  • The promotion is available for the web Shop only.
  • Ogrine packs vary from country to country. The item appears in your basket before payment is confirmed.
  • The Great Crate Race is linked.