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From September 18 to 20, to celebrate a beer festival put on by the Pandawas, enjoy a 30% discount on your first basket of purchases in the Shop! That should fill you with joy (and not just with fermentedBambooMilk…)!Don'tmissout! 

What do pirates do when there's no Greedo Rum left? They drink beer! Under the influence of Olvido, the Meridia of Pirates, and with the approval of the Pandawas (who are always available whenever it's time to bend an elbow), adventurers from all over the World of Twelve have decreed that on Septangel 18, the Beer Festival shall be celebrated! Taking into consideration the kind of "collateral damage" this sort of event can cause, Guidys, the Meridia of Fragility, decided to extend the festivities through Septangel 20. That means there'll be enough time for Twelvians who take part to recover from any excessive consumption of fermented Bamboo Milk and other beverages of the kind – especially the ones that make Miss Uglies look attractive!

If not one of the gods has agreed to make this gathering official for the time being, it's quite simply because if there was a new celebration every time the Pandawas went on another drinking spree, the Krosmic calendar would be inundated with them!

But don't snub this new opportunity to fill your glass, because you can do the same with your basket! From 11:00 AM CEST on September 18 to 11:59 PM CEST on September 20, enjoy a 30% discount on your first basket of purchases in Ogrines!

Make the most of this offer by giving yourself the biiigest baaasket ever!


  • Please note that this offer is not valid for individual items; it is only valid when multiple items are paid for at the same time.
  • The offer only applies to the web Shop.