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Did you like the new Astrub island? This time, we'll let you rediscover the dungeons! In the coming update, we offer you the chance to enter the Stasis Dungeons, the monsters inside are soaked with Stasis making them more powerful! 

Modulating the difficulty for a varied game experience

With Stasis Dungeons, you can now adjust the dungeons' difficulty as you like. Stuck on a difficult part? Switch to Rapid mode, and wipe out the weaker monsters straight away. Come back later to finish the dungeon on higher settings - Difficult or Expert levels, where the monsters are much more powerful!

Overall we're offering you 50 difficulty levels divided into 5 level brackets :

  • Rapid (1-10) ;
  • Normal (11-20) ;
  • Difficult (21-30) ;
  • Expert (31-40) ;
  • Master (41-50).

Unlock Stasis difficulty bit by bit

As soon as you first enter the dungeon, you can select whether to face the Stasified monsters in Rapid or Normal (difficulty levels 1 to 20) mode, with your real or adjusted level.

You'll then need to complete the dungeon at difficulty level 20 and at that character level to unlock difficulty levels 21 to 30. Then complete difficulty level 30 at that character level to unlock difficulty levels 31 to 40…

To be in line with this new system, we have decided to modify the dungeon access levels: all dungeons for a level bracket will now be unlocked at the same time when you reach the minimum level for that bracket, for example, dungeons for levels 126 to 140 will all be unlocked starting at level 126.

Enjoy great rewards

Of course, we weren't going to leave you disappointed. The more you increase the difficulty, the better the rewards are. More experience, a better chance of receiving rare items, more transmutations, boss resources…

The interface is getting a new look

When you click on a dungeon's door, a new interface will be offered. There, you can choose the difficulty, as well as choose to switch to the adjusted level or not.

Once you enter the dungeon, you can still make adjustments using the micro-interface on the top right of the screen, where the Clan Master is usually.


You can therefore see the level of Stasis chosen for this dungeon: An icon symbolizes whether you are playing this dungeon in "adjusted" mode or not, a button takes you to the previous interface to change the difficulty level.

Only the party leader can change the dungeon’s difficulty and only under certain conditions: you cannot change it during a fight and you cannot increase the difficulty after an encounter with the first group of monsters. On the other hand, you can reduce the difficulty at any time, outside of fights.

The mechanics are improving

Changes always come in twos. In order to optimize this functionality, the dungeons have been adjusted, and offer new mechanics.

Simplified access to the dungeons

You will no longer need dungeon keys to enter dungeons. We made this choice in order to simplify the system and reduce punishments suffered in the event of a defeat. This will allow you to test the most complicated dungeons without regret, or to make dungeons easier during short game sessions. Keys currently present in inventories will be transformed into an object to be used which will give 10 Glossy Powders of the same level.

In order to preserve the balance of the game, and in particular to preserve the fluidity of the Handyman profession, we have carried out a number of additional adjustments. Among them is the establishment of crafting low-quality runes (Handyman) from resources found on monsters in non-dungeon areas. Therefore, 7 resources from that area give 10 Glossy Powders of the same level. Subsequent adjustments are also planned to continue to add value to the non-dungeon ecosystem.

The Mimics are coming to life


A new mechanic for Mimics has been rolled out across all dungeons. Mimics are no longer simple boxes to stuff with Mimikibble, but monsters in their own right, who randomly appear in your fights. So, you need to kill them to get their reward… before they run off with your loot! Make sure you eliminate them in less than three turns, of before they reach the edge of the bubble…

There are different types of Mimics, and we'll let you guess their treasures: Domestic Mimic, Fragmented Mimic, Runic Mimic, and Sweet Mimic. They all sometimes drop treasure to each of the fighters when they are defeated.

And more to come...

Adjustable Levels and Stasis Dungeons are only the first step towards a more advanced functionality that we are developing for next year - Dungeon Ranking. For those of you who are nostalgic for the Mobile Arenas, you'll no doubt be happy to rediscover a Players versus Monsters competition experience, which is why we are getting on with creating a suitable environment for this mechanic, so that characters of all levels may take part.

Moreover, we're creating achievements associated with the Stasis Dungeons, as well as corresponding rewards.

Finally, we're currently considering implementing teleportation directly to dungeons… watch this space!
Of course, this will still require some balancing work, and we'll let you make the most of the Stasis Dungeons first!

I hope you enjoy the Stasis Dungeons, and keep you occupied over the Kwismas period!

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