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If you have been on the Beta server, you already know the basics of the Astrub redesign. You have'nt seen 'em? Log on to the Beta server and give yourself a behind the scenes tour! Would you rather wait for the release date? Well, you don't have to wait for long, the update will happen on October 11!

Behind on your quest for national glory? Catch up with the latest installment of the Quest of Nations in the Chapter 4 devblog .

What mystery still awaits you in this New Times in Astrub update?

A brand new Astrub awaits you with numerous changes: new areas, monsters, quests and challenges. Oh! A 'day and night' system... and so much more!

The Villainy Vineyards perhaps? Will you be able to handle the unpalatable truths you will discover there ...?

Most importantly, it will be time to meet our latest guest in Update 1.48, Sham Moon himself. This new ultimate boss is waiting for you, and he is not going to be eclipsed any time soon!

Looks like you're going to be on pins and needles waiting for October 11 to come around!

The Adjustable Level System, along with the Rapid Builds and Mentorship System, have been delayed as detailed here.