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EDIT: The reset has been cancelled and the team would need to go back to the drawing board and study the issue more. On a positive note, we will be resetting the ecosystems of Bonta and Sufokia on May 23. We apologize for the inconvenience.







You have reported to us that several resources disappeared from your Haven Worlds after the 4thof May update. We would like to clarify the issue with you through this article.

Since the last update, several resources disappeared from Haven Worlds. Indeed, the fishing lakes you can build in your Haven Worlds are empty and it is not possible to mine anymore as the mineral quarries are gone.

In order to correct the issue, we would have to apply a complete reset of the ecosystem in all Haven Worlds.

This operation will delete all the plantations present in your Haven World, the fishes, the ores and also the trees, the plants, the crops and the monsters that were “planted” in your Haven Worlds.

This reset will happen during a hotfix that will be applied on Tuesday, the 23rd of May.

We highly suggest that you remove your plantations as well as extract the monsters’ seeds that are in your Haven World before the 23rd of May.

This patch will correct several bugs in game and will allow us to add some small functionalities. We will come back to you with more details about those changes once prepared.