He’s the guy responsible for WAKFU’s special effects, or FX as they’re sometimes known: “Rain, sunshine, spells… Basically anything that shines and gives off light…”  Interview with Bastien, aka Brise-Stasis, who’s currently pulling his hair out over Ogrest’s FX!

他是负责wakfu特效的设计师,或者说是掌握雨,阳光,法术…包括一切发光的东西。这次我们采访Bastien, 又名Brise-Stasis,他正在为设计奥古的特效而绞尽头发。

Trained in 2D and 3D graphics and animation, Brise-Stasis joined Ankama in February 2012, where he very quickly learned FX design on the fly: “There was no specific training and besides, here, we work with an internal tool. I was simply told how the program works… two months before the official release! It was difficult to get the hang of it. What’s more, I’ve since tried to train someone else on the tool who could replace me if needed… and he doesn’t want to hear another word about it!”


Huppermage spell research光法技能的研究

What have you worked on at Ankama?

Brise-Stasis: I mainly work on WAKFU’s FX design but, over the last two years, I’ve also worked on the MMO’s animation, alongside the other animators. In the meantime, I’ve taken part in the research for Krosmaga’s FX, and I helped out on the DOFUS film: I annoyed so many people over the stadium scene.





How does your work impact players?

Brise-Stasis: Basically, if a player gets hit, I’m the one who makes sure they know about it. If Ogrest unleashes a cyclone spell, it has to look like your computer’s going to be blown away, too. Without FX, this wouldn’t happen. We also use it to create a particular ambiance, for example, in the cemetery.


Brise-Stasis: 例如如果角色被打中,我要让玩家知道。如果奥古使用了暴风攻击,那就要让玩家觉得电脑也要被卷走。没有特效,就不能感觉到这些。我们也给一些特定的场景加特效,例如,在墓地里:

Is it cold here or is it just me?感到背后凉飕飕吗?

Who determines the FX requirements and their appearance?

Brise-Stasis: The game designers draw up a document that tells us the spell’s range, its area of effect, the element, the boost, the penalty, etc. Based on all this information, I decide what it will look like. I do discuss with the game designers and animators first, though, to find out if they have a particular idea in mind. Then, I get cooking.


Brise-Stasis: 游戏设计师会给我们一份草稿,告诉我们技能的射程,范围,效果,元素,速度,伤害等等。然后,我决定特效是怎样的,游戏设计师和动画师一起讨论,交换意见。之后,我就去画草稿。

From concept..从概念

…to reality!到现实!

Stasis spell research毁灭技能研究

Stasis explosion!毁灭爆炸!

For example, I was asked to make a tsunami at Zinit’s summit for Ogrest. But where does it come from, at a 2,000 meter altitude?! I’ve been working on it all morning. I’m testing a lot of ideas, which either don’t work or aren’t technically feasible… As a result, a lot of it ends up in the bin!



While we’re on the subject of Ogrest… Does he take a lot of work?

Brise-Stasis: For a boss or monster, you have to create, on average, between ten and forty FX. But Ogrest is a special case. He’s not one of those arthritic little ultimate bosses who hangs around outside his lair. It’s OGREST! It’s 6 meters and 500 tons of muscle powered by 6 Dofus who decorates his door steps with the weapons of the gods. A colossal boss needs colossal FX. So yes, the workload is about as huge as he is!



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