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The Big Christmas Lottery is here and, with it, the chance to win awesome Ankama goodies! The new Christmas Pack can be yours along with a sleighful of WAKFU-related digital rewards.

Christmas is around the corner… and that means that it’s time for gifts and goodies (if you missed our Advent Calendar, you can find it here!)

In addition to our Advent Calendar, we’re giving one lucky player (per community), and one extra-lucky player from across all communities, the chance to win an Ankama goody bag which includes the following:

- x1 Christmas Pack (Physical Reward) including:

  • Casino Haven Bag (DOFUS)
  • Ice Dragoturkey Harness (DOFUS)
  • Kamehameha Emote (WAKFU)
  • Blizzard Emote (WAKFU)
  • Krosmaga gift card (containing 4 Booster Packs, 3000 Kamas and the ingame card, Père Nowel)
  • 1 month of DOFUS subscription (with a Pink Dragoone Set and a Tubskito pet)
  • 2 gift cards of 6000 Ogrines each
  • A metal figurine of the dragon, Dardondakal
  • The board game: Kingz (in French)
  • The DVD of the film, DOFUS - Livre I: Julith (in French). Also includes a giftcard to obtain the pet Ratcham and the OST of the film.
  • The book: 'Les dessous de DOFUS' (in French)

- x1 Costume maître de Guerre*
- x1 Haven Bag Décor: Dragon Egg and Nest*
- x1 Unicorn Harness for either a War Gobball or Dragosteed
- x1 Booster Pack + 2 Heroes (30 days)

*Items introduced in Update 1.50 and not yet translated.

Last year, we picked one winner from each community and this year is no different: one player from each of our four communities will win. In addition, we will also enter every entrant (from all communities) in a special prize draw and they too will have the chance to win the main prize!

Five runner up winners, from each community, will win:

- x1 Costume maître de Guerre*
- x1 Haven Bag Décor: Dragon Egg and Nest*
- x1 Unicorn Harness for either a War Gobball or Dragosteed

It’s easy to take part in this festive Christmas giveaway:

1. You must have a valid WAKFU account. You must have a valid WAKFU account to take part (which has been created before 01.11.2016 and active since at least 01.01.2016.)
2. Answer the three questions correctly in our giveaway questionnaire here.
3. Submit your entry and voila, done!

Merry Christmas and may Ecaflip’s luck be with you!

ANKAMA GAMES (RCS Lille Metropole: 492 360 730) located 75 bd d'Armentières 59100 Roubaix - France, organizes from 01/12/2016 (17h00 Paris time - FRANCE) to 06/12/2016 (17h00 Paris time - FRANCE) A no-obligation to purchase free game entitled "The Big Christmas Lottery" open to any individual over the age of 12 belonging to a WAKFU MMORPG gaming community. Answer the 3 questions correctly and take part in the draw. One entry per qualified person. Value of 1st prize: 87.60 € (all tax included). 1 Grand Prize Winner per WAKFU community (plus 1 additional Grand Prize Winner from across all WAKFU communities) and 5 Secondary Winners per WAKFU Communities (a total of 20 Secondary Winners). The rules of the game are available (in French) online at https://goo.gl/5sG7R9

Please note that the data collected in this form will be stored and used by Ankama Games only for the purpose of the organization of the Lottery Promotion. If you win, we will use this information to send you the price (the costs covered by Ankama). In accordance with French laws, you have the right to access, correct and delete data concerning you that you can exercise via the online support (http: //support.ankama.com) or by mail to: Ankama - Personal Info, 75 bd d'Armentières, BP 60403, 59057 Roubaix cedex 1, France.