购买英雄模式7天送WIP【截至9月27日早上5点45分 GTMD UTC】

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Heroes never get tired! Not only do they help you gain experience and fights, but moreover, up until Monday, September 26th, they will earn you a 7 day Booster Pack! Who can beat that?

The Hero Service is the service of champions! One or two characters from your account to back up your favorite adventurer and create your dream team! They also gain the same experience level, their own dungeon tokens and loot, all of which is under the control of you alone!

That's not enough? No! To top it all off, up until Monday, September 26th 9:45 PM UTC, the 1 Hero 7 days service and 2 Heroes 7 days service earns you a free 7 day Booster Pack !

Select 1 or 2 Heroes, and take advantage of the offer up to three times per account!