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From today until December 04th, when you purchase any Hero service longer than 30 days, you'll get no less than 30% more time. An offer you shouldn't miss!

For an entire week, enjoy 30% extra time for Heroes service! For example, if you purchase a 30-Day Pack, you'll actually enjoy its bonuses for 39 days. What could you do with 9 extra days? Fight more monsters? Gain even more experience? Or just show the World of Twelve, once and for all, that YOU are one of the best and most redoubtable warriors?

So, getting the 2 Heroes for 90 days service will actually let you take advantage of it for 117 days, or even 234 days if you opt for the 2 Heroes for 180 days!

So, enjoy! You have until December 04th, 10:59 PM (UTC) to take advantage of this offer!

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