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During September 21 to 24, enjoy a new kind of offer: every time you spend real currency in the Shop, you'll get a Gobbowl Emote as a bonus gift. This is an offer aimed at both diehard Gobbowlers and Ouginaks who love playing fetch!

From 11:00 AM CEST on September 21 to 11:59 PM CEST on September 24, get the Gobbowl Emote as a bonus gift every time you spend real currency ($,£,€, etc.) in the Shop, no matter how much! With this emote, you can play at being the great Kriss Krass, or the mysterious and just as legendary Masked Gobbowler.

You'll be shooting Gobbowl Balls so skillfully you could knock Ruel's block off! Show everyone watching that you're an ace in the art of handling Gobbowl Balls!

The Gobbowl Emote will also let you target a player to throw them the Gobbowl Ball. It's everything you'll need to unwind between adventures and make a few friends… or enemies, depending on where and how you aim!

Don't miss out!