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We let you test the Adjustable Levels in the beta server and the tests were very positive. But they also allowed us to identify a number of points that needs improvement because the long-awaited system is the base of many other functions in the game. To give us time to perfect this system, we have decided to push back the release date.

As you already know, we have been working on a new system for WAKFU for many months: the Adjustable Levels. This new feature, which we announced in the latest Letter to the Community, allows you to temporarily reduce your character's level so that you can play all of the game's content. You can also earn rewards while you play at the adjusted level that suits your actual playing level.

In other words, you can frolic through Gobball Pastures as your current character at a level adapted to this dungeon, while continuing to earn interesting rewards.

We also mentioned two other new features: Rapid Builds and Mentorship.

  • The first lets you rapidly change your build in a simple click of the mouse (a build means all of your character's abilities, spells and equipment).
  • The second, rewards experienced players for spending time helping newcomers.

Rapid Builds and Mentorship are closely linked to the adjustable levels.

We let you test these features in the beta server for several weeks and you have given us a lot of feedback. This enabled us to identify what is working and what is not, in terms of ergonomics, design and general use. So thank you everybody!

Why have we decided to postpone the Adjustable Levels?

The system is functioning...

The beta tests let us saw that the adjustable levels operate the way they are supposed to. The idea of reducing a character's level and being given suitable characteristics works. This makes it possible for players from all horizons to play together, whether they are level 20 or level 200. They can play together in the same conditions and with a common goal.

... but we aren't satisfied with the following:

  • There are too many interfaces and these are scattered amongst several other pre-existing interfaces. It has become difficult to find your bearings and to navigate between one another.
  • This means also revising the resulting game ergonomics. We will take advantage of the extra time to improve this.
  • It is vital that the system is accessible and easily-comprehended by all players, which is not the case right now.

Our plan of action

  1. Simplify what we have and make it easier to use, which isn't the case right now.
  2. Generally improve the interface for Adjustable Levels and Rapid Builds to make it simpler to use. (work on Mentorship is already finished, but since this is linked so closely to Adjustable Levels, we can't release this separately).
  3. Test the changes with you.
  4. Integrate the features before the end of 2016.

We apologize for this delay. We know that many of you are really looking forward to this new feature, but that is also why we have decided to postpone its release. Our aim is to make everything better and easier to understand for all players.

Thanks once again to everyone for the feedback that you gave us during the updates on the beta server.

Let's keep working together like this in future updates as your help is precious to us!

As for the rest, don't worry, the following content we announced in Update 1.48 will be available:

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