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We've been talking about it for a little while now, and a very recent survey has confirmed our hopes, so it's time to officially announce it: the Sacrier class revamp is coming. It's not only arriving soon, it's arriving today, in the beta! 

The need to rebalance Sacriers basically came from two problems. First of all, tank Sacriers just weren't as attractive as Fecas, to give just one example. And the Sacrier was too specialized: a lack of synergy between the branches, as well as bonus/penalty passives, often forcing the player to choose decisively between their different roles. So we took the Gobball by the horns and came up with several solutions to rectify these shortcomings.


The aptness of Sacrier as a tank hinges in large part on the active spell Sacrifice. Even now, Sacrifice lets the Sacrier take hits to protect their allies. However, the constraints were revised: the effect will last more turns, in order to allow the team to continue moving around freely. In addition, a passive can reduce area damage, in order to — among other things — reduce the total damage suffered by the Sacrier during the first turn of Sacrifice. The trading of places between the Sacrier and their ally will only take place at the end of the spell cast by the adversary. So it will still be the Sacrier taking the damage, but it will be the targeted ally who takes associated penalties (MP, AP loss…). Also, it will no longer be possible to counter with Stabilization; it will be necessary to change to indirect damage.


We wanted to offer players more flexibility by allowing them to play several roles with their Sacrier (damage, placement, tanking), but also to be able to switch between them easily. To do this, we reworked the synergy between the branches. Here are two examples:

  • Fire/Earth synergy: damage and tanking
The Sacrier can now play with few Health Points without being vulnerable, thanks to an improvement in Armor. Instead of only lasting one turn, it will no longer be time-limited. So it will be possible to not play an Earth spell for a turn, and still benefit from Armor the next turn.
  • Fire/Air synergy: damage and placement 

The powerful fire spell Punishment will be very expensive in AP. However, it will be possible to reduce the cost by using placement spells! So you'll have plenty of opportunities to place yourself behind your enemy's back just before punishing them well and good…

Finally, always in view of reducing the restrictions imposed on Sacrier, we've minimized the penalty of their passives.


New mechanics are seeing the light of day with this revamp, and among them, punishments.
In a few words, punishments are spells that can be activated and deactivated as desired, whose effects vary depending on their nature. So, one will increase damage received and inflicted, while another will serve to delay the damage suffered by the Sacrier.


We've also reworked the Clinging to Life passive. First of all, we've corrected a few little bugs which kept Clinging to Life from activating in certain cases (when the Sacrier had been poisoned, for example). Then, we kept the Sacrier from playing again right after their death. The Sacrier will play their turn normally in the timeline, and no sooner. Finally, we added a little effect to this spell: if the Sacrier manages to kill the enemy that killed them, the Sacrier will not die at the end of the turn!

Of course, this is only a part of what we've done. We've also added some passives to the class, revised certain spells… But we're also counting on you to help the revamp be a success. Your feedback is very precious to us, so don't wait to come and test the Sacrier in the new beta, and tell us what you think.

And, after all that good news, I'll wish you all a good time gaming!