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Picture this... you're quietly shopping and have spent at least 6,000 OG* when...surprise! You discover the emote of the most mysterious class in the Krosmoz is in your basket, the Super Eliotrope Emote! That is just what will happen up until Monday, October 3rd!


If the Super Eliotrope Emote reminds you of something (or someone!) it's not surprising with all these portals opening, one after the other, and a Gobbowl accelerating at the speed of light (or nearly)! The launch of WAKFU Season 3 is gradually approaching and you may have been mentally preparing yourself to finally learn all of the secrets of the Eliotropes...

While you wait for 2017, take advantage of your purchases in the Shop! Until October 3rd 9:45 PM UTCthe Super Eliotrope Emote** is free with any basket worth 6,000 OG* or more!


* This means a single order totaling over 6,000 Ogrines, and not several orders' totals combined. The emotes appear automatically in your basket as soon as the 6,000 Ogrines limit is reached.
** The super emote is not linked to an account.