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The Revival Costume, the must-have accessory for the Spring Has Sprung festival is back! Even better, to celebrate WAKFU’s anniversary, it’s never been easier to obtain as it will be in the Shop until February 12th.


Gifts in your basket, you’re used to that by now, but a Revival costume, that’s something special! And to sweeten the deal over the anniversary period...

First, the offer applies to purchases of only 4,000 OG and more! And second, unlike ordinary offers, this one isn’t limited to a single basket purchase. No! You can make several purchases in the Shop, at different times, and we’ll count the total of your purchases made between February 10th and 12th 10:59 PM UTC to obtain the 4,000 OG minimum! You’ll then receive your gift of a Revival Costume!

Celebrate spring and five years of WAKFU in your own Revival Costume!

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