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adjustable levels

• The button to validate the build interface will be available from the first strike on the name field, and not only at the loss of focus on this field or pressing the enter key.
• The shortcut bar will be updated when changing spells when it is the active deck is changed.
• Fixed the popup size about build interfaces and equipment.
• Automatic pages are no longer clickable in the lists if the current level is the actual level. They will also be dimmed.


• Replace an object equipped with a similar object with which one can stack equipped (eg dagger Twiggy replaced by a dagger Twiggy) not desynchronize inventory and equipment.


• The spell will now be properly modulated unavailable if the level is below the release level.
• Passive now work properly when the level 2 is available for the actual level but not for the modulated level (eg rollback Xelor running on a real level 120 but not on a modulated level 20).

• Two characters with the same initiative will cause more random bugs loss of the first round.


• The Spieds Rebonttis can no longer jump diagonally.


• There will no longer be possible to change the position of his spells using the shortcut bar (which was in any way by the deck reset at the start of combat).
• The information will be correctly displayed when mousing traps.
• The compass no longer be removed when zoning causing the withdrawal of a quest (environmental quest for example).
• Click on an ongoing quest will open the right interface.


• Server operation has been corrected to solve the worries of crops non objects.