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All these information will be recalled in future Devblog on Astrub and its many changes.

In this post we will discuss changes to the day / night cycles, seasons and climates! This is again DY7 who took care of you detail these developments.

Days & Nights

We wanted to change the day / night cycles into a true element of gameplay. For this, we must necessarily desynchronize the cycle of real time: for example, it would have been unthinkable to suggest that monsters can only be fought at night if it forced you to have to really play the night.

Moreover, WAKFU is a game developed internationally and some of its servers hosting players from several different time zones. Thus, at present, some players are facing a permanent night when they connect.

For the following explanations, although note the following details:

• Game = what goes in.
• IRL = In Real Life = time as it actually flows out of the game.

And here are the new values adopted for day / night cycles and seasons in play:

• One-day game (when it's "day" in the game) takes 1 hour IRL.
• A night game (when it's "night" in the game) takes 1 hour IRL.
• A day-game consists of a game-day and one-night game and therefore lasts 2 hours IRL.
• A game-season consists of 84 days-game, totaling 168 hours IRL, a week IRL.
• A full cycle of seasons so game-going in 4 weeks IRL, and this happens 13 times a year IRL, since there are 52 weeks in a year IRL!

Counting the days for Almanax does not change compared to before and is always based on the IRL dates. Similarly, the full years involved always occur in the same way, they simply contain 13 year cycles instead of only one.


Seasons, meanwhile, continue to influence the climate in most areas of the game. For example, it is warmer in summer, more rain in autumn, snowing and very cold in winter, etc .. of course, each area of the game react differently to climate changes with more temperate and more drastic for some others.

In the same way as for the game-days, that the game seasons are shorter lets give them a real impact. Indeed, it would have been impossible to offer a resource that would be difficult for harvest in the spring, if it meant a blocking three months for players. Ditto for a classic content only available in winter we had to wait nine months to see him again!


Assuming that increasing the duration before the resource can evolve was too mechanical blocking, we decided to move this influence on action time. Thus, when a resource is not its ideal temperature, it will simply take longer to harvest, rather than put a lot more time to push!

As for precipitation, they still affect the chances of plantation resources. However, we have improved the readability of the state of rainfall in the area. A few more drops that put the resource of his state "ideal rainfall" to "dissatisfied" was not very visual. We decided to split into three large rainfall conditions:

• No rain
• Light Rain
• Heavy rain (with flash or not)

We also bring some precipitation in some areas, to prevent rain all the time in certain areas, and it's a little more realistic.

Finally, we made some improvements and adjustments on Climate interface:

• It now shows the current season to see what season we are in.
• The forecast is for the next 5 days game, so the next few hours IRL.
• Only the resources of the area are displayed, allowing you to more easily find them about their needs, or simply know what resources can be planted in this area!

As at present, the night will impact temperatures. Some events may not occur as under certain conditions. Some examples :

• Environmental Quest Monsters that only appear at night.
• A archmonster which appears only winter days, when the will of the MDC (Master Clan) are satisfied.
• Another archmonster which appears only on warm days where it rains while the MDC wishes of the monsters are not met.
• And many other combinations of these conditions.

In general, the conditions of appearance of archmonsters always require a combination of a specific period to an action of the players.