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• The adjustable level is available. It is the ability of a player to virtually reduce the level of his character for activities, while getting rewards that adapt to the true character level.
• Fast builds that are available. As their name suggests, fast builds allow changing the build in a single click, without opening an interface.
• Mentoring is available. This is the post-sponsorship phase flanking new players start playing The Godfather accompanies her godson in play for the advance, but by putting himself at his level, thanks to the modular level, not. ruining his game experience. in general, we also reward all players passing time playing with beginners.
Note that you do not necessarily need to go through the sponsorship system of official WAKFU site to take advantage of mentoring.



• Night scenes were completely reworked, with the addition of many sources of light making the city more lively.


• Introduction of the Finisher via the "Finisher Otomaï" free to obtain from Otomai to Incarnam! Occurs only on the fighting 4 or more rounds (from the tower where they velocity bonus). 20% chance on the last monster fight, 100% if it is a boss.


• The archmonster Lartifice the Explosive appear correctly in his group when conditions are valid.


• Former "Let the Tropikes" that have not been converted to "moon Island tokens' will be removed. We invite you to share in any dealer Moon Island before the update.
• It is now possible to exchange the Relic "Shoulder pads Monkey King" against another version of it in the dealer's Ultimate Boss Moon Island.
• The recipe Aroma Blood no longer requires blood of Tofu.
• The Shiv Racroft, which required Aromas Blood, now requires 3 Bloods Tofu and more.
• The Drool Gobball - which is no longer obtainable and has been removed - is replaced by the same amounts of Gobball wool in recipes.
• The harvesting of action on Bouftous Cloudy indicate a good harvest of Gobball Wool and not a Drool harvest of Gobball.
• Fixed Fire of Love and other light objects: they can now be used at night OR in mines, sewers and underground.


• Dungeons and Tofu Gobball asking in Havre-World will be restored.