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地图等级50-200,新的粉装任务,有10个怪物种类。进入条件是完成全部国家任务,总之先做了吧,地图开放时间next update。

You've scoured all of the nooks and crannies of the World of Twelve. You know each parcel of land by heart. What would you say to some new zones to discover? To play Leif Erikson in a dangerous and hostile area?


Careful – before you get too far, we have to warn you. We're not talking about a pleasant constitutional here. We're talking about an adventure with consequences so great that it's divided into two chapters; one is planned for March and the other for... a bit later this year, we will tell you more another time!

Although the beast is a threat that's simultaneously imminent and distant, no man or woman of sound mind has yet dared approach and confront him. He dominates Mount Zinit with all his ferocity and power, quickly discouraging even the most audacious who come thinking they're going to kick his butt. Do you have to be insane to confront Ogrest?


A bit nuts at the most, but you have to be in order to throw yourself body and mind into a new adventure with mystery, epic quests, and new, rich and vibrant zones. On the way, you can meet at least 10 monster families from level 50 to 200, enjoy dynamic gameplay and rather generous drops. But don't panic. On the way, you'll also come across iconic, known characters, as well as some new faces. Some will help you, others… not so much.


Come on, don't back away. Go nuts and pencil in the date for the first part of our trek, which will lead you a little bit closer to the monster's stars. All that you'll need is your Blue Ocarina; the one you got at the end of the Nations Quest. If you don't have it, you still have a bit of time to get one.

To help you wait, we suggest you sing the following:
"On top of Ol' Zinit, stands Ogrest the green… And if I come cross him, I'll rip out his spleen!"

We'll be back real soon with more info about the next update and all the surprises that are waiting for you in it.

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First preview of the Mount Zinit's zaap with the players we invited at Ankama's HQ! https://t.co/qgNXv1Xrvm