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泽尼特要来了,还有三位设计师[Scheik], [Siu] and [aLONfred]的设计理念和一些想法。
A new zone has appeared! And not just any zone... So strap on your walking boots, and let's begin the hike up Mount Zinit! And to guide you, who better than [Scheik], [Siu] and [aLONfred]?

"My young chosen ones! As you well know, I've been watching you from the beginning! And I see that you're finally ready to climb Mount Zinit to come and… SAVE US ALL from the wrath of the terrible OGREST! Mount Zinit is an extremely dangerous place! You're sure to have some terrifying encounters and make some surprising discoveries, but an adventurer like you will take it all in his stride! Yet it's your destiny: the Prophecy was right, and you must fulfill it! Grab your artifacts and your Wyrmling and pierce through the clouds blocking your path to glory! I'm waiting for you, young hero! Join me quickly on Zinit Beach! Your dedicated and divine messenger, Ullu."


Hello everyone, my name is [Scheik]. I've been working as a game designer on the WAKFU MMO for a number of years, and am especially well known to the players of Guardians! I'm back again today because I'm taking over the narrative and background design of the game's main quests. Because yes, my colleague [Ryf] has left us for new adventures, leaving me all alone to tell you the story of the Mount Zinit quest! Well, alone with all our ideas, notes and wishes to decipher! So not that alone, in the end...…


The most difficult part at first was to respect the universe's background, of course, as well as the scenario that we wanted to develop for these new epic quests, and finally the personalities of both the old and new characters. That's a lot to consider! Then, we try to convey this complexity through the main dialogs and cinematics, so that you're slowly introduced to the story without being overwhelmed.


And to begin this new adventure, you'll be introduced to a young Osamodas lady that I'm particularly fond of! Hold on tight, because I can tell you that this mysterious Osamodas, named after those delicious cakes, is not for the faint of heart. You'd better listen to her. She has a lot to teach you, although, perhaps, not enough... she likes to play games, this young lady! !


I already know what you're thinking: "What? ANOTHER Osamodas?" Well, yes, but this time, an Osamodas pulled straight from the new season of the WAKFU anime! Rest assured, Mimi and this young lady have nothing in common... apart from their laugh, that it! !

In any case, you won't have much time to dwell on our new Osamodas, as another character from the anime is joining the MMO this year, and might make your life a bit more difficult! But that will have to wait for the next update... Oh yes, I can be cruel! !


To make up for it, I can tell you that Otomai came all the way from Incarnam especially to help you out, or more to the point, to constantly badger you about the dangers of his son and of Mount Zinit !


Ullu, your servant and divine messenger, will also join the party! Mount Zinit's quest and the Prophecy just wouldn't be the same without our dear Ullu! As usual, he'll pay you a visit to advise you on how to get two new artifacts. Yes, you heard me, two! Two new artifacts for your collection !


Speaking of artifacts... how many do we have now? You've been wondering for a while, and it's time to set the record straight: ten! Ten artifacts, linked to the divinities of the Primitive Era. Here's a recap :

  • The Traverse Compass, linked to the goddess Feca
  • The Draconic Ocarina, linked to the god Osamodas
  • The Excarnal Scepter, linked to the god Sram
  • The Paws of Ecaflip, linked to the god Ecaflip
  • The Jumpin' Gap Jacks, linked to the god Iop
  • The Woyal Bow of Pwodding, linked to the goddess Cra
  • The I.D.S., linked to the god Enutrof
  • Xelor's Sandglass, linked to the god Xelor
  • 大概是主线任务拿到的能开箱子的东西吧。

But... that doesn't quite add up to ten... So let's add the two new ones!

  • The Rikiki Wand, linked to the goddess Eniripsa
  • The Luminescent Amulet, linked to the god Sadida

And what do these two artifacts do? Well, it's very simple, the first one is used to... erm? Ullu? You want me to... stop talking? But... Well... yes... I understand. Very well. Can I at least say goodbye? Hmmm...

Sorry for interrupting! But now you know what you have to do, so saddle your Wyrmling and rush over to Mount Zinit to discover all its secrets !

A big adventure is waiting for you! But it won't be a walk in the park. I'll now hand over to [Siu], who will tell you about the terrifying monsters you'll encounter...



Hi everyone! I'm [Siu], the newest arrival in the WAKFU game design team. I'm going to introduce you to a few of the monsters you can expect to find in the areas of Mount Zinit.


What did the team want to achieve with this bestiary ?

We decided to make Mount Zinit the common theme in WAKFU's progression. That's why you'll find around ten families of monsters, of all level ranges: there will be new families, of course, but you'll also find a few old foes revised for the occasion! And none of them were chosen at random...


Mount Zinit is a very important element of the WAKFU universe: it's from this very summit that Ogrest sows the chaos that consumes our universe. To populate this mountain of anthology, we need families with strong identities, both in terms of their appearance and their game mechanics. They needed to be relevant, and consistent in their respective areas. Terrifying monsters that you would expect to find, given the general atmosphere of Zinit.


A few families paid a visit to our friends in the art department to get a new look, better suited to the ever-present danger on Mount Zinit. They also hired a coach, and trained hard so they could beat up reckless adventurers! Some monsters have changed completely, but others have stayed basically the same, with a few slight variations that you're going to have to discover once you start engaging them in combat. In fact, this was a chance for us to revise mechanics that haven't been working as well as they used to. We therefore advise you not to underestimate your old enemies...


A New Game Experience


We've also taken the opportunity to apply the changes introduced to the "Astrub model".

The reward system is a good example. With the new balancing of tokens and now that we've established secure crafting, we can allow ourselves to make crafting a requirement for evolving all your items.

Yes, you read that right! All the items you'll collect on Mount Zinit can be upgraded via profession recipes. They'll grow in rarity, and therefore in stats.



But the Astrub model also includes semi-random monster stats. Just like on Moon, the placing and initiatives of your opponents will vary, so that each fight and dungeon are really unique. The lineup of monster groups in dungeons will also be more flexible!


And finally, in Astrub, you'll no doubt have noticed an increase in environmental quests, with the goal of making fights in the ecosystem more dynamic. Climate and seasons can influence the appearance of unique quests. With any luck, you'll get the chance to encounter a Dominant or an Archmonster, who will give you extraordinary rewards, if you make it out alive...



In short, it was all done in the aim of improving the players' fighting experience. See you soon in game to try out all these new features !


New adventures, terrifying new enemies... The only thing you're missing from this winning cocktail is super powers! Conveniently, [aLONfred] is here to tell you about the new artifacts introduced in this update. "Go on, [aLONfred], I'll keep Ullu at bay."



Hello everyone, my name is [aLONfred], and I'm a developer on WAKFU. As we've already mentioned, you'll need to collect two new artifacts to progress in this adventure. But none of that takes place on Mount Zinit. You'll need to go up against old opponents who still have a few secrets to reveal!


The Luminescent Amulet


In a world drowning in the floods, it's time for adventurers to get their feet wet. Because the Luminescent Amulet allows you to swim in shallow waters. To get your hands on it, head over to Bilbiza, where you'll need to meet the Bilby King and take part in the Jellix Show. You'll need the amulet to progress on Mount Zinit, but you will also be able to use it all across the World of Twelve. This is great news for those of you who love exploring!


This is an artifact that Fhenris' team has been requesting for a long time. No doubt they've prepared many secrets locations for you to discover! We've had to overcome many technical difficulties to make this artifact work: prevent you from swimming on land, diving head first into the sand, sinking your Dragoturkey, speeding away in butterfly stroke... Anyway, we hope you like it !



The Rikiki Wand

Here is an artifact you might have spotted during the Dofus Era, as it could be found amongst Kerub Crepin's treasures. These days, it's the monks who are guarding it, and they're hiding it safely away, deep in their Undieworld. (Will you dare go after it?)


It works a little bit differently from the other artifacts, as obtaining it unlocks a new emote that allows you to temporarily reduce the size of your character. This "rikiki" mode should let you squeeze into the tiniest of places.


To make this emote work, we had to slightly change the technical behavior of all emotes, to give them more options. You won't notice anything right now, but in the future, we're going to be able to do things differently...



That's a lot of new stuff! Thankfully, you still have a few days to digest it all. We'll be waiting patiently for you to start the assault on Mount Zinit! So equip your best gear, put on your Sunday suit, and see you in a few days on Mount Zinit beach!