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A glacial wind howled ominously as it swept over Chillberg Island with an unusual fierceness. On the cluttered work site, Jun Zamon and his team of experienced dracologists chipped away at the ice with pickaxes, working through the pain in their frozen fingers.


In that particular moment, the cold was both friend and enemy. Unimagined relics of an ancient era might be hidden within, imprisoned in the ice, the discovery of which could unlock previously unknown history.

"Jun! Come look at this! We found something! Man, it looks huge…"

Despite his advanced age, the Enutrof ran quickly toward Lane Grant, at several points, nearly falling on the ice rink that served as a work site.

Simultaneously thoughtful and disbelieving, Jun gazed at his assistant's discovery for a long time before leaning over it. The object seemed to be the remains of a creature from eons past.

"Stunning… My good man, you've made a major discovery!"

  • So what is this creature, Jun? A large Dragoturkey?
  • Don't be silly, Lane; what you have before you is no less than a wonder of nature…

On saying this, Jun fished his lucky brush out of his vest pocket and began to carefully "dust off" the skeleton lodged in the ice. Then he grazed something resembling a claw, whispering a single word: "Crocabulia…"

"Croca-what?" Lane asked naively.

Jun plopped down on the ice; in his excitement, he failed to notice the icy dampness that numbed his behind, which was already aching from the frigid Javian air. He held up the priceless claw to admire its details in the intermittent rays of sunshine.

"Crocabulia, Lane… The famed Guardian of the Dreggons…"

"Sorry, Jun, but I don't follow you at all."

  • Forgive me, I tend to forget my age. Young adventurers such as yourself wouldn't know what I'm taking about. You see, Crocabulia was a dragon whose charm and brilliant scales beguiled our dear Grougalorasalar.
  • The Black Dragon? The Guardian of the Primordial Ebony Dofus?
  • The very same, Lane. Someone paid attention in mythology class!

Lane beamed like a teacher's pet.

"Despite her prodigious size, as evidenced by this claw, one could say Crocabulia had rather slim morals… She seduced one dragon after another, putting to shame the most famous romancers in the World of Twelve at the time, including Don Rouann and many others. The God Osamodas – attempting to quell this 'excessive frivolity' that was tarnishing his reputation – gave Crocabulia a mission to keep her from giving in to the advances of the first dragon to waggle his scales. The mission: watch over the Dreggons, which, at the time, were a new race on their way to becoming…"

The Dreggons? What's that, Professor?

As he stared at his precious, not hearing Lane's question, Jun had an unnerving intuition, a message from the depths of the earth. Perhaps it came from the Dreggons' Sanctuary? Or could it have been Crocabulia's remains trying to tell him something? Finally, the professor replied:

"Lane, something tells me you'll find out soon enough…"