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Want to make a difference? Or simply love to participate in everything WAKFU? Then you may want to answer the call of becoming part of the WAKFU English Moderation Team!

Today, we are opening the doors to give you a chance to be part of the "WAKFU English Moderation Team", which will include both Game and Forum Moderators openings in effort to improve the community's experience of the forums and WAKFU as a whole.

Therefore we will now cover in the form of a FAQ some information and show you how to apply for this great new adventure as part of the team!


What are the possible roles of an EN Forum Moderator?


  • Keep abreast of forum activities and respond to general questions
  • Moderate the forums following the guidance of the Forums Rules of Conduct and the Terms of Use
  • Promote constructive posting and commend others for helpful efforts
  • Report to the Community Managers exceptional guides and other user generated content, in addition to alert of recurring negative behavior or problematic subjects
  • Participate in creating guides and other helpful materials for the Community

These roles will evolve depending on the commitment and seriousness of the Forum Moderator.

What are the possible roles of an EN Game Moderator?


  • Teleport around the starting zones and act as Greeters and Newcomers Helpers, as well as overall in-game presence
  • Participate in the moderation of inappropriate behavior, including farming and spamming following the Terms of Use
  • Be a relay to the Community Managers on noteworthy events, such as warfare and politics
  • Relay any game exploits to the Community Managers
  • Create an execute mini in-game events after approval and supervision of the Community Managers

These roles will evolve depending on the commitment and seriousness of the Game Moderator.

Can I be both Forum and Game Moderator?

Yes, you sure can, as long as you mention it in the response of question 1 in your application form.

Are the members of the WAKFU EN Moderator Team employees of Ankama?

No, members of the WAKFU English Moderation Team are individuals who volunteers a portion of their time, anonymously, where they can continue to assist their fellow players and contribute to a healthy environment within their new roles.

What if I am already a Moderator, will anything change for me?

No, you will not have to reapply, however you will be contacted to reconfirm your commitments as a Moderator.

What are the requirements to apply?


  • 18 years or older
  • Decent English writing skills
  • Active within both game and forums
  • Spotless account history
  • Demonstrate patience and a willingness to help others
  • Have a firm grasp of WAKFU, our Forums Rules of Conduct and Terms of Use

How long do I have to apply?

The applications can be sent starting today (October 24th) until Monday November 7th (4 PM UTC)

How will I know if I was chosen?

You will be directly contacted via the email address that you would have included in your application to let you know if you have been selected.


If you are ready for new adventures and to be part of the WAKFU English Moderation Team, here is how to apply:

  • First you will need to fill up step 1 of the application process to become a WAKFU EN Moderator: Application form link.
  • Second, once your application is reviewed, and if you meet the necessary criteria, you will receive a follow-up message with the next part of the application (this may take some time, depending on the volume of applications). If, for any reason, you don't make it through to the second stage of the application, please remember that you can apply again during the next open moderator application period.

Good luck and we can't wait to receive your applications!