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给你支持的棉球战队伍写赞歌,活动截止时间:5月22日 21:59 UTC。

After the real success of our contest “Get your Fan Art Rockin” we’re doing it again with a new writing contest. Support your favorite Gobbowl team by dedicating them an anthem! With manyprizes to be won, you have until May 22nd at 9:59 PM UTC!


In this new contest, you will need to write an anthem to support your favourite Gobbowl team. And it comes at the right time since the Super Gobbowl is starting today, supported by the Meryde of the Team Spirit, Nell!

Whether you’re living in Amakna, Bonta, Brakmar, Sufokia or part of the Riktus clan, everyone can participate! To do so, you only need to follow the following rules:



  • Stick to the theme: sounds simple enough, but let’s err on the side of caution... Simply write an anthem for your favourite Gobbowl team (Bonta, Brakmar, Sufokia, Amakna or Riktus) 分别是五国的队伍
  • Publish your entry in the dedicated entry thread before Monday, May 22nd, 9:59 PM UTC. 在这里发布
  • Edited messages will no be taken into account. To delete your message and post another one, change the first message by including the comment “Deleted” and post your new message.
  • You can only post one anthem entry.
  • Your work must respect our Terms of Use and Forum Rules of Conduct.


Take part and try to become one of our five winners* who will take home the following prizes:

  • 1st to 3rd Place: Gobbowler Costume (of the nation supported), Gobbowl Emote, Flag Planter Emote, and the Umbrella Emote (of the nation supported) 1-3名奖品有 Gobbowler时装和表情,
  • 4th Place: Gobbowl Emote, Flag Planter Emote, and Umbrella Emote (of the nation supported)
  • 5th Place: Gobbowl Emote, and Umbrella Emote (of the nation supported)

The new Gobbowler Costumes

The Gobbowl emote

Flag Planter emote

The different umbrellas

*Five winners will be selected for each language community.
** The nation of the costume, and umbrella will be based on the nation that you supported. For example, if you wrote an anthem for Brakmar, you will receive a Brakmar Gobbowler Costume, and Umbrella Emote.