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Now that your new World of Twelve adventures in 2017 have started, we wanted to say a final goodbye to 2016 by offering you a fun WAKFU knowledge challenge: The Krazy Krozword!Complete it before Friday 20th 4:00 PM UTC to make up a code, and win yourself a prize!


The rules are simple, simply solve the riddles and complete the WAKFU inspired Krazy Krozword using the answers of the riddles to uncover the 12 letters (marked with arrows) needed to create a code in order to redeem your prize.

But be swift and knowledgeable as you only have until Friday 20th of January at 4:00 PM UTC toredeem the code!


Here comes the riddles:


  • 2 - The name of the NPC that has been guiding new players on their first steps in the game since July 2016.在2016年7月更新后,第一个指引新手的NPC。
  • 4 - You can now modify the level of your character with this system, which was introduced in November 2016. Psst! It’s an acronym!调级系统的缩写,2016年11月更新。
  • 5 - What is the name of the new class that arrived in January 2016?2016年1月新出的职业。
  • 8 - Presented in an announcement published in August 2016; it is one of the bosses of the dungeon Villainy Vineyards.2016年8月僧侣岛新出的boss名字之一。
  • 9 - The location where players can try builds of their characters, moved to the outskirts of Astrub following the Astrub redesign in October 2016.玩家可以测试加点效果的地方,2016年10月搬到阿斯图布。
  • 10 - The location where Chapter 4 of the Quest of Nations takes place; presented in September 2016.国家任务第四章的地点,2016年9月。
  • 11 - How old was the WAKFU MMO at the end of February 2016?2016年2月,沃土几岁了?
  • 12 - First zone of the game, to a new player; its redesign was presented in June 2016.2016年6月重新设计的新手村的名字。
  • 1 - To change the difficulty of a dungeon, it must first be corrupted with what? (Since December 2016!)
  • 3 - Name of a plant-like creature created by our graphic designers in April 2016.
  • 6 - Name of a multi-coloured mount harness introduced to the game in May 2016.
  • 7 - This saint’s festival is celebrated in March and honours the colour of green!

So to your WAKFU knowledge books as it is time for the Krazy Krozword to start, good luck everyone!


You may wonder what the prize is, but just like the theme of this event... It is for you to solve that suprise too!