更新1.52:泽尼特UPDATE 1.52: ZINIT IS OURS!

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更新时间3月21日,只有wip玩家能进,同时时间boss Nogord Wungleezard 将会开放。

Only one weekend left before we throw ourselves head first into a new update! Starting on Tuesday, March 21st, Update 1.52 will take us to the assault on Mount Zinit!

Some players took advantage of the Beta to explore and test content from the new update ahead of time. Everyone else will have to wait ‘til next Tuesday but you might already have an idea of what’s coming thanks to the devblogs on Update 1.52’s three main subjects.


Trek through new lands and take on new challenges waiting for you in the new territory! Mount Zinit Part One is designed for players of levels 50 to 140 and includes:

  • 3 zones divided into 5 ecosystems. The Astrub model applied at the end of last year is also applied in the new zone! New mercenary quests, environmental quests and archmonsters to take on!
  • 1 main quest to discover
  • 5 dungeons to explore, each with its own touch of strategy... watch out!
  • 5 families of monsters to fight
  • Hundreds of new items (including new epics) and resources to collect
  • The possibility to increase an item’s rarity up to “legendary” rarity (“mythical” for items below level 110) by crafting!

Get ready to fight hard before the second part of Mount Zinit appears out of the clouds, with even tougher challenges!




The logical development from Stasis dungeons, the dungeons leaderboard lets you compare your progress in the dungeons and rank yourself against other players. To be ranked, it’s simple:

  1. Tick the “Competitive mode” box in the dungeon’s opening interface
  2. Select your Stasis difficulty level setting for the dungeon
  3. Make it through all of the dungeon’s rooms alive!

The higher your ranking, the more interesting gifts you'll collect!

Every month the rankings are set back to zero so you can try to improve your position on the leaderboard. Every month your progress is recorded in a special tab in the interface that lets you view past rankings easily.



After the survey published last January 26th on our website asking, “which class do you think needs improvement?”, Sacrier emerged at the top of the list! Consequently, we have slightly adjusted our original schedule to offer you this update, which improves the class and was initially planned for June!

On the program:

  • Tanking mechanic revised to strengthen the Sacrier’s main role – taking the hard knocks!
  • Greater synergy between the branches. The Fire/Earth branch lets you focus your gameplay on damage and the tank mechanic, while the Fire/Air branch lets focus your gameplay on damage and positioning.
  • New mechanics, especially in punishments
  • The passive spell “Clinging to Life” is more interesting
  • Lots of other things for you to discover!



The “Mount Zinit Part 1” update hits your screens on Tuesday, March 21st!

This new area will only be accessible for players with an active Booster Pack. The previous content, the Ultimate Boss Nogord Wungleezard, will then be accessible to everyone.