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For one week, we're celebrating spring in the World of Twelve! Achievements, quests, challenges, and… gifts (including a new headgear!) are waiting for you in Astrub, where the members of the Occult Cult will be in serious competition, with the arrival of the Gobballs!


Only the heart of the city will be spared. Everywhere else in Astrub, ominous characters from the sewers will appear here and there without warning. Eliminate the members of the Occult Cult to receive tokens to be exchanged at the machine in the Astrub Inn! But be careful, since they won't be your only enemies: the Spring Gobballswill be in on the game! You'll have to be a dyed-in-the-wool warrior if you want to win more tokens, and not just so you can save them!

Spring Has Sprung will also provide you with everything to keep you occupied between two brawls:

  • 1 main quest around Ogrest's Cult, rewarded with the Occult Cult Costume.
  • 3 achievements allowing you to win a Round-Table, a Crate of Firecrackers and an Ornamental Carpet to personalize your Haven Bag.
  • 2 challenges rewarded with tokens, allowing you to receive (at the Spring Has Sprung Machine):
    • 1 Spring Has Sprung Firecracker
    • 1 Rice Pudding
    • 1 Red Envelope
    • 1 Baby Redwood Stool
    • 1 Jar
    • 1 exclusive pet: the Tamed Abomination
  • Repeatable quests given by Katrina Slevastan (Guild of Hunters' Camp in Astrub), provided with tokens.
Some of the older players may think they've seen everything this event's got to offer. Well, no! Because this year, there's a new item on offer: the Spring Has Sprung Hat! And for this, there are no restrictions: you've got every chance against every monster in every zone!

Spring Has Sprung lasts from 9:01 AM UTC on Tuesday, February 7th to 9:00 AM UTC on February 14th!

Happy hunting!