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今日起到8月15日,一次性消费10 000水晶送 Xelor's Levitation Run 跑步表情,或商店5 000水晶购买该表情。不要错过啦!


  1. 是一次性消费超过10 000水晶,不是几次消费满10 000水晶;(应该购物篮满10 000再结算也算一次性消费)
  2. 表情绑定到帐号。

Be in keeping with the times with Xelor's Levitation RunUntil August 15th, you'll get it as a bonus gift with any purchase of at least 10,000 Ogrines. You can also buy it directly for 5,000 Ogrines. Don't miss out!



不久前,我们给了你们穿上Night of Times costume时装的机会。现在,该学习怎么漂浮啦!跟着时间之神的脚步,去打发时间吧!

在商店一次性消费10 000水晶就送Xelor's Levitation Run,或者选择5 000水晶来购买Xelor's Levitation Run

After Iop, it's Xelor's time to shine. The month dedicated to him overlaps both July and August, so you've still got time!

A little while ago, we gave you the chance to wear the timeless Night of Times costume. Now, it's Xelor's Levitation Run - no more, no less - that's on offer! Run, or rather levitate, in the footsteps of the god of time. It's one way to pass the time, to say the least!

A bonus gift with any purchase in the Shop of at least 10,000 Ogrines, the Xelor's Levitation Run is also available for sale at 5,000 Ogrines.

Don't let this excellent offer pass you by!



  • This means a single order totaling over 10,000 Ogrines, and not several orders' totals combined. The item will appear automatically in your basket as soon as the 10,000 Ogrines limit is reached.
  • The Xelor's Levitation Run is linked to the account.