新表情Ninja Race单独发售

2017年02月17日 沃土新闻 暂无评论 阅读 1,601 次

只限今天卖€4.99,(北京时间2月18日7:00前) 过了就卖€6.99了。

Starting today, a new secondary run is available in the the Shop: the Ninja Race! Jump on it, because it will only be available at this minuscule price of €4.99 until 11 PM UTC tonight!

You didn't see it coming… It snuck into your Shop, feigning innocence, as sneaky as a fly and as light as a Iop's head. And yet, it is there: the Ninja Race is beckoning you!

So don't wait any longer and go take advantage of this exclusive offer! Because until 11 PM UTC tonight, this all-new secondary run will be on sale for the price of €4.99. Then it will be available in the Shop permanently for the price of €6.99.

Give your character a look worthy of the greatest fighters!