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Announced in DOFUS last week, the Ouginak class will soon be available for playtest. What about WAKFU? Learn more about it in this news!


As some of you might have noticed, DOFUS is organizing a playtest for the Ouginak class. It means that the class is in development and that it will be released shortly for them.

As for WAKFU, we will work on the class later and therefore, the release will not be at the same time with DOFUS in order to prioritise class balancing and creation of new content, according to your expectations.

Indeed, we have read your feedback about the Ouginak and while a part of the player base are waiting for a new class, the vast majority would prefer new content or class balancing, among other things.

Speaking of new content, all we can say for now is that, we are already working for some time now on… something… really massive!

You will soon learn more about it thanks to Gamakna, the digital magazine about the whole Ankama Universe.

Keep a close watch for it on our website!