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From September 20 through 27, you better hairdo it right by the Ouginaks! Let your imagination run wild and draw the hairstyle for this new class making its debut with the next update. Tons of prizes are up for grabs!

School's in session! Especially for one class in particular – the Ouginaks. You must already know that these humanoid hounds will be making their in-game debut soon. For the occasion, we invite you to bring your own personal touch to their design. Despite trips to Hairyboo's, Hair-to-Stay, and Clippercation, it seems our canids – very concerned about their appearance – have yet to find the do that does them justice. 

And that's what gave us the idea of putting your imagination to work! What would you say to playing apprentice hairdresser and giving our favorite doggies a bowl… cut (or a bob – it's up to you)? If you can feel the soul of a hair artist (also known as a Hairtist, sorry!) growing inside you, grab your scissors! (And for scissors, read: pens, pencils, brushes, mice, and styluses!)



  • Stay on task, that is to say the Ouginaks' next hair style
  • Draw a female hairdo and a male hairdo
  • Publish your fanart (one or more pieces, but together in one message) in the topic found here
  • And, of course, comply with our Terms of Use


To publish your image, first host it on a server intended for that purpose (for example, imgur.com), then head to the forum here. Finally, display your image by using the following forum tag: [img]LinkToYourImage[/img].

Please note that edited posts will not be considered. If you want to change something, you will need to edit your first message, replacing its content with the word "Deleted", and then post a new message.

The drawings will be gone over with a fine-toothed comb, and two (2) happy winners (taken from all communities combined) will be chosen. 



I bet that set your hair on fire! Am I right? You have until 11:59 PM CEST on September 27 to post your masterpieces!

To your styling chairs!