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想做独角兽的可以抽了,1月27日到1月30日22:45UTC (1月31日6:45北京时间)

It's an upmarket Mystery Box which has the honor of getting the ball rolling this new year! On the menu: luxury, rarity, magnificence, and obviously, prestige! You've got until January 30th to get hold of it in the Shop. Don't miss out on such a gem!


From January 27th until January 30th 10:45 PM UTC, you can get a brand new Mystery Boxdesigned for the most noble of adventurers, for those who know how to unite class and bravery, whatever the circumstances. To say the least, this box contains especially sought after treasures! See for yourself:

  • Techno Costume
  • "Recovery Position" Emote
  • "First Raidce" class animation
  • 1001 Claws Costume
  • Infernal Costume
  • Vampire Costume
  • As well as the brand new Unikron Costume!



Be fabulous with the Unikron costume

Look cool with the 1001 Claws and Techno costume

The sky is falling! The sky is faaaalling!

On sale for the price of 6,000 Ogrines, the Prestige Mystery Box will make even the most demanding adventurer happy! Don't miss out!

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