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名字后面会有1颗星* 每打败一次多1个,最多5个;


在4月3日10:00前到this page这输入OGREST2017 会有奖励。

You often ask us: "Hey, Ankama, when can we finally get our hands on Ogrest? He's going to give us a thrashing, isn't he?" So now the second part of Mount Zinit is announced, it's time to tell you a little more about this super ultimate battle...

Not content with drowning the World of Twelve with every tear in his body, Ogrest also wants to drown your delicate cheeks with every tear in yours. We can already see those delicious tears welling up at the mere idea of confronting this super-powerful creature.

It is indeed Ogrest himself that you'll be able to go head to head with in the next update!

Don't expect him to be beaten so easily, though... Currently, we're seeing a victory rate of 0.02% against Nogord. Ok, so he's a dragon and a powerful one at that, but we're talking about confronting Ogrest here! THE Ogrest, the one who'll use your bones as toothpicks. Well, that said, we'll very probably be in for a surprise!

We wouldn't dream of giving away any details about what you can expect from this epic fight. We just wanted to tell you about the rewards in store, if ever you manage to crush him: New Game +!


New Game + is the admittedly-not-very-creative name of a new feature we would like to add to the game along with the fight against Ogrest.

Once Ogrest is defeated, it would allow your character to go back to level 1! Say goodbye to your equipment and your whole inventory (your costumes are safe!): a new life full of surprising rewards awaits your character in New Game +!


"Why would I want to do that?", you may ask.


Once you're back to level one, you can no longer trade with other players or take items from the ground or from guild or account chests. This means you won't be able to equip your newly-demoted level 1 character with old items that have been gathering dust in your chests all these years...

You will, however, unlock new rewards to make your life easier, speed up your progress and help you return to max level a little faster. Your character's XP will be increased by 15% (!) until level 175, then will go back to normal for the 25 remaining levels.

But that's not all! Exclusive rewards will allow you to showcase your achievement to the masses:

  • Your nickname will appear in green when you talk to other players!
  • A star (*) will be displayed at the end of your nickname! Kill Ogrest a second time, and you'll get a second star, up to 5 stars in total!
  • You'll unlock a new 9 square mount: Ogrest himself!

We hope you enjoyed our New Game + presentation, and that you're keen to go back and relive the early days of your favorite character!

Enter this code on this page before the 03.04 at 10:00 AM (CEST) in order to get a special harness for your future Ogrest Mount before anyone else: OGREST2017