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Gobbowl is a lot like any other sport. Some people play it on the field, while others prefer to talk about it! The designers of the World of Twelve have created a unique room specially designed for that second group: the Gobbowl Fan Bedroom! It's available in the Shop for 900 OG!

Pass the word to your friends, then head straight for your goal: the Shop! It's a lot easier to get to than the opposing team's goal on a Gobbowl field, and there's a whole new room there starting today: the Gobbowl Fan Bedroom!

Let's take a look at the lineup… of furniture, that is:

  • Gobbowl Fan Bed
  • Gobbowl Fan Table
  • Gobbowl Fan Cupboard
  • Gobbowl Fan Dresser
  • Gobbowl Fan Plant
  • Gobbowl Fan Screen
  • Gobbowl Fan Game
  • Gobbowl Fan Lamp
  • Gobbowl Fan Carpet
  • Gobbowl Fan Stuffed Toy

Surround yourself with all the trappings of your favorite sport for 900 OG!