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2.情人节礼包SAINT BALLOTWINE PACK,注意:宠物三选一,表情三选一。

活动时间:2月14日10:00到2月21日10:00 (服务器时间)

They’re pink and soft and dowsed in perfume, but they still smell awful: Ballotwine’s Day gobballs are up for grabs! There’s also some exclusive rewards awaiting you. The time has come to show us your best pick-up moves!


Your heart’s hammering in your chest, your hands are clammy, your knees feel weak, and... is it getting hot in here? You’d bet your sidekick’s life, you haven’t touched a drop of Bamboo Milk! Don’t panic, there is a very simple explanation: Love with a capital L!

From February 14th (10:00 AM server time) until February 21st (10:00 AM server time), give in to the powerful emotion that makes the Krosmoz go round. Don’t be ashamed, it’s entirely natural! And let’s be honest, love, it’s all you really need. It will take you up where you belong, to touch the Tofus’ wings. That’s right, it’s a thing of beauty.

But it’s much more than that! For example, for us, love is also a chance to shower you with gifts:

  • 4 achievements with a key, a title, and an emote
  • 4 improved consumables
  • 2 new consumables
  • 2 new items

So if you’re starting to get worried, rest assured the Ballotwine’s Day gobballs are now displaying correctly, they are totally naked and they are totally pink!



When it's Saint Ballotwine, we see everything through rose-tinted glasses! This special pack is the proof, and you can keep it for yourself, or – even better on this special day – gift it to a friend!

It's available in the Shop until 10:45 PM UTC on February 25th, for the price of €4.99.

Check out what's inside!


  • Saint Ballotwine Haven Bag Kit
  • Choubidoudou Stuffed Toy
  • St. Ballotwine's Day Cape

Consumables Pack

  • 1 × Flush Puppie: Prospecting (Lvl. 15) and Wisdom (Lvl. 15)
  • 1 × Cuddly Candy: Wisdom (Lvl. 30)
  • 1 × Cotton Candeh: Prospecting (Lvl. 20)
  • 1 × Bowmeowmallow: Bow Meow Transformation (15 minutes)

1 pet of your choice (tinted pink)

  • Gobbly

60 Health Points
20 Elemental Mastery
24 Lock

  • Wodent

60 Health Points
20 Area Mastery
1 Control

  • Dragoone

60 Health Points
20 Wisdom
10 Initiative

1 Emote of your choice

  • Be Fazed
  • Blush with Delight
  • Butterfly Aura

With the Saint Ballotwine Pack, you'll be pink with pleasure!

So, there’s not a second to lose! Give in to the feeling, you have a date in-game!

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