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Just as our famous Mimisymbics have been given a little makeover, a new "Set" category has been added to the Shop. Don't miss out, because until March 12th, any complete set purchase will come with a free new generation Mimisymbic!


For those who don't already know, Mimisymbics are consumables that you can use to link the appearance of one item with the characteristics of another. It's an original way to change your style... without changing your life! And, most importantly, without changing your hard-earned characteristics!

Today, Mimisymbics are back and they're better than ever, to the very great pleasure of those who are of the opinion that the clothes don't make the man!

This new version of the Mimisymbics comes with the following changes:

  • Removal of the condition that the item from which the new appearance is taken must be of a level lower or equal to that of the item that receives it.
  • The item taking on the appearance is no longer linked upon fusion.
  • The item from which the appearance is taken is destroyed upon fusion. The new appearance of the mimisymbiced item can be reutilised on another item.
  • Mimisymbics are no longer linked to the account.
  • The Mimisymbic interface has been simplified.

Now's the time to don those items you've always dreamed of wearing! To the Shop!