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You've probably already heard of these items that are used to link the appearance of one item with the characteristics of another. Today, the Mimisymbics are back and more effective, more functional and, in one word, better than ever! (Please excuse our enthusiasm, all these emotions are overwhelming...). Find out more in the following news!


In 2017, the Mimisymbics are getting a bit of a makeover. As a reminder, and for those who've been living in YeCh'Ti's cave for the past few years, Mimisymbics are consumables that allow you to change your look without losing your hard-earned characteristics!

Today, they're sporting new features that we're going to unveil to you now, before your astonished eyes:

  • The item that takes on the new appearance can now be of any level.
  • The Mimisymbic item is no longer linked to an account or character upon fusion.
  • The item from which the appearance is taken is destroyed upon fusion.
  • Every aspect of mimisymbicing, in other words, both the Mimisymbic and the item that takes on the new appearance, can now be traded. Only the item from which the appearance is taken is destroyed upon fusion. However, the new appearance of the mimisymbiced item can be reutilised on another item. This means that by using our first mimisymbiced item on another non-mimisymbiced item (to transfer its appearance), this new item will get the mimisymbiced appearance of the first one. In other words, a « collector » appearance can be transfered from item to item as many times as you want.
  • The description of the Mimisymbic consumable item has been changed to reflect the new system.
  • The Mimisymbic interface has been simplified and explanations now accurately describe how the system works.

From now on, items will display the star and the appearance associated with the Mimisymbic in the following instances:


  • Item details (generic tooltip and generic interface)
  • Marketplace ("Sales", "Purchase" and "Withdrawal" tabs)
  • Player exchange interface
  • Guild chest
  • Haven Bag chest and account chest
  • Haven Bag window (sales management, consultation and log)


In terms of previewing the equipment, whether at the Marketplace, from the item details generic interface and inventory or from the Haven Bag window's sales management and consultation section, the interface will also show the image corresponding to the Mimisymbic.

Additionally, rarity frames have been added around items throughout the whole Marketplace interface.

Now all that's left is the most difficult part: choosing between all the items you dream of carrying!

The Mimisymbics are now available in the shop.