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Sharing a word about the land of gold, Enurado, with two Enutrofs might at first seem harmless, but not until you find yourself, no later than a day or so, being pestered for the location by half the residents of Astrub. Why? Read on!

Well, you may or may not have heard of the announcements made by Tot on the DOFUS forums; we have decided to postpone the release of the Ouginak class. Our main idea was to give you (on WAKFU and DOFUS) this new class simultaneously, and that the production teams work on this class, for each game, at the same time.

But then, over the last few months, feedback about content implemented, and content to come, has changed our intentions. We have, therefore, revised our overall planning and production priorities… which ultimately led us to delay the introduction of the new class. Rest assured: we’re talking about delaying, not cancelling!

For the end of the year, we’re going to be offering accessible content to all so that you can spend the long winter evenings and holidays warm… and busy!

In the next few weeks, the Adjustable Level System and Mentoring System will arrive. The team continues to optimize the systems so they can be better understood and easier to use. A video, detailing the system, has also been planned.

Before the end of the year, you will explore the final chapter of the Quest of Nations (Chapter 5). You will delve into the abyssal depths of the mysterious side of Sufokia. The time has finally come to spelunk through an old temple and claim an artifact that is rightfully yours! During this final trip, you will meet old allies and face former enemies once and for all. But be careful, under the surface of Sufokian’s turquoise waters, creatures are lurking, waiting to make short work of you!

Among other things, our Game Design team are also preparing a new concept for in-game dungeons but we’ll have more information on that in the future.

We also want to take the time to inform you about some of the changes in the team:

  • We introduce BadZ as head of the WAKFU project. BadZ is head of the Ankama Games division and therefore central to Ankama’s game creation. He has spent the last month fully dedicated to WAKFU, offering support to the team and providing clear objectives for the future. BadZ has set the tone for 2017 (and we can tell you PVP will be one of the top priorities.) He also has plans for you to climb the top of Mount Zinit.
  • Dy7 is now the new Lead Game Designer. You have probably crossed his path or seen his name within the last two years. Dy7 has high expectations for the game, focussing on two major projects: implementing ambitious innovations and ensuring WAKFU’s core features are up to date.

And the future? What else is in store for the future?  Our main goal has always been the same: make you happy (and in doing so, that will make us happy!) While we will not provide what has originally been indicated on the production calendar, the end of the year will be good, for sure!