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Over the course of recent updates, you may or may not have noticed, but crafting has been undergoing lots of work since the start of the year. After the arrival of secure crafting and the equipment upgrades, we decided to rejuvenate the handyman profession.





This slightly hotchpotch profession has undergone a lot of changes here and there, to the point that it eventually diverged from its true goal: making furniture and decorations. So, we decided to make crafting decorations simpler by linking decorations' themes with their environments' resources as much as possible. That way, they'll be more consistent in terms of ingredients. Recipes will be divided into two categories: common and rare. The latter will be more difficult to create, but more rewarding in experience.

The difficulty in obtaining components will no longer vary from one craft to another, because all recipes of the same rarity will be aligned according to a single template. Decorations that are actually quite basic will no longer require you to put in too much effort to be crafted.

Don't worry if you notice that some decorations can no longer be crafted. In order to vary the ways in which they can be obtained, some decorations will be won after having defeated monsters! Certain sumptuous decorations will also be dropped by bosses and the new archmonsters.

Like the Pets revamp we announced two weeks ago, the changes on the Handyman profession will be applied to the game with the next major update.