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今天开始商城有售,只要4 500水晶。

A completely new harness is making its way to the Shop: the Vampyric Dragominus. With its breathtaking design, you're going to make everyone jealous. Available now for 4,500 Ogrines!

Today, Bouilli, the Meridia of Saliva will make all the vampires in the World of Twelve drool with envy over a bloody great harness! Adventurers who thirst for glory will be charmed as well! And that's not to mention those who are terrified of going unnoticed.

Let yourself also be seduced by the Vampyric Dragominus! While it might go about on its paws, its little wings and resemblance to the dragons of the Krosmoz will give you the impression you're flying high. Who knows? Maybe you'll feel like taking a stroll all the way to Ingloriom! But you can be sure that despite looking rather loutish, it will always keep an eye on you (three, even)!

This harness is available starting today, in the Shop for 4,500 Ogrines.

Don't miss out!