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%image_alt%Some of you have already been lucky enough to get it by playing Jackpot the Ripper, the Al Howin scratch card game. Today, it's arriving in your shop for your playing pleasure... and to give your opponents quite the fright! The Small Pumpkind is available until November 20th, for the price of 5,000 Ogrines!

Choked up and teeth grinding, this new friend has made his grand entrance into your shop today. If the Small Pumpkind* is afraid of the welcome his fellow pets have in store for him, that's nothing compared to the fear your enemies feel when they see him at your side!

Available until November 20th at 11:45 PM (UTC) in your shop
, this new perfectly seasonal pet will add a touch of color to your grey winter look!

And since good news always comes in pairs, Aboon and Crobak are also joining in the pets' big adventure, and on a permanent basis!

* Characteristics: 60 Health Points and 30 Elemental Mastery.

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