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You left your pet behind while you went on holiday, and you’ve been beating yourself up about it ever since. Well done! But since everyone should be entitled to a second chance, take advantage of our 30% off sale to get a new one! And, since you have a lot to make up for, don’t forget about customization. Right now, everything is at 50% off!

Are you more Bow Wow or Bow Meow? Young Wild Sow or Dragoone? Do you prefer fur or feathers? It doesn’t matter! All pets in the Shop are on sale at 30% off! Now’s the best time to renew or add to your collection of loyal companions.
So loyal, in fact, that you’re going to want to given them all the accessories they deserve. Because they really are worth it! And you can be even more generous now because all customization elements are available at half price!

These two offers (30% off pets and 50% off customization) are valid until Monday 19th September at 23:45!

And, hey, to show off your love for your little fur babies at the same time as your excellent sense of style, why not take a picture of your pet to share with everyone? Go ahead and add it to the comments below...