A good adventurer never lets themselves get carried away by events! However, they don’t refuse a helping hand when it comes to getting around quickly. The cheapest energy being the energy we don’t use, save your energy and snatch the Polter Race! We’ll be giving it as a bonus gift until July 9th in packs of 11,000 OG or more!

一个优秀的冒险家从不会因好事而冲昏头脑!但他们在出行时从不会拒绝polter的援助。最节约能源的方式就是不使用能源,省下你的精力去争夺Polter Race表情吧!在7月9日之前,购买11 000水晶或以上就能获得。

Who better than the Sadidas to handle competition between these charming little creatures? Thanks to them, a new race animation has seen the light of day: the Polter Race! To be used without moderation, preferably while munching on poultry, pole-vaulting, and exorcising poltergeists.

谁能比萨迪达更能处理好这些小动物的竞争?多亏了他们,新的赛跑动作: Polter Race

To do so, take advantage of your Ogrine purchases: until 9:45 PM UTC on Sunday, July 9th, the Polter Race is a bonus gift with any pack of at least 11,000 Ogrines!

在7月9日星期天21:45UTC前,购买11 000水晶就送 Polter Race!

A few reminders

  • The Polter Race is linked to the account. 表情帐号绑定
  • The promotion is available for the web Shop only. 只限网页充值
  • Ogrine packs may vary from country to country. The Polter Run will show up in the purchase process before payment is confirmed.  水晶最低购买要求会根据国家地区作出调整

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