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2月28日到3月4日有签到活动,answer the questions we ask you correctly.

In two days, your little MMO will be one year older. WAKFU is celebrating its 5th birthday! No need for gifts, leave that to us! To celebrate, participate in a game where you can win 5 rewards . See you here tomorrow and up until March 4th to try your luck!


A birthday where the guests get the presents? That’s how we roll at WAKFU MMO! To celebrate its 5th birthday, we’re offering you the chance to take part in a competition where you can win a gift every day for 5 days!

To take part it’s simple: just answer the questions we ask you correctly.
It’s time to show us that you’re worthy of the Wakfu Era World of Twelve and that it holds no more secrets for you!

The competition starts tomorrow, so grab your notes, get set…? Study!*
*Competition open to all players, no conditions.