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Already 5 years old… time flies when you're having fun! Throughout the years, the World of Twelve in the Wakfu Era has seen many adventurers! Some of them good, and some of them not so good. We'll have to wait and see which group you belong in, since it's our birthday, a brand new quest is giving you the chance to stand out!

We're there: WAKFU MMO is already blowing out its 5 candles. To celebrate this happy event, we're giving you the possibility to reveal to the World of Twelve how talented you really are, with a special birthday quest taking place from 10:01 AM server time on February 21st, until 10:00 AM server time on March 6th.

Over the course of 5 years, the World of Twelve has welcomed many adventurers to its stage. While sharing the stage in this dramatic and epic comedy, the Twelvians have ended up losing, getting robbed, and sometimes even voluntarily giving out some of their hard-won riches and rewards, gained by the sweat of their brow (and underarms)! The result? Now, the ground of their beautiful planet contains little nuggets and great treasures; maybe it's time to dig it up!

That's exactly what this brand new quest offers. From Astrub to Sufokia, going via Amakna and Bonta, this "one-time" quest – specially thought up for your favorite MMO's birthday – has no limits!

A 6-in-1 quest: one for each nation, one for Astrub, as well as one final quest once the others have been completed. And on top of that, there are brand new rewards equal to the efforts made, namely:

  • 4 brand new titles
  • 1 rare Emote
  • New Fairyworks
  • And a Costume... which is also brand new, as you guessed!
So, gather your shovels, picks, and elbow grease: this birthday party may just make you sweat!