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WAKFU month starts at full speed with a competition to win a very special prize: a portrait of your character by Kme, creator of Mimi the Marvelous! You have until Thursday, February 16th to answer the questions!

We promised you surprises to celebrate WAKFU’s 5th anniversary and this is one of them! Show us your knowledge about the game: answer the questions at the following link and try to win the prize!

What’s the prize? A “dialog portrait” in the NPC pose, drawn by Kme herself based on an image and description of your character, drawn in the pose and costume of your choice! Then you can use it whenever you like, as your avatar or a background!


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You already know Kme well: she has been a 2D designer on WAKFU since July 2014 and recently outdid herself again (there’s no other way to describe it) on the Quest of Nations – the backgrounds, equipment and character design. She’s the person you have to thank for that omnipresent character, Mimi the Marvelous.

The competition finishes on February 16th. A winner will be drawn randomly from amongst the entries, with one for each of WAKFU’s communities.

So let’s get started! Good luck everyone!

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