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限制:a limit of one per day, per account,亲测是一天一个。


WAKFU Mystery Box of the Month!

We told you there’d be surprises during WAKFU anniversary month. Well, here’s an offer you can’t refuse: until March 5th, for any purchase in the Shop, you’ll receive a Rubik’s Cube Mystery Box gift! No matter what the purchase, no matter what the amount! 



It’s worth repeating: If WAKFU is five years old, it’s all thanks to you, the players! When you buy something in the Shop, while you enjoy your purchases, you also contribute to the development of your MMO. So you really deserve a little something... or should we say, lots of little somethings! 


And yes, you heard us right, the Rubik’s Cube Mystery Box comes free even with the tiniest purchase in the Shop. And that includes every purchase you make, within a limit of one per day, per account, up until Sunday, March 5th 10:59 PM UTC. 


But what’s actually inside the box? 


Inside the box there are... more Mystery Boxes! Loads of Mystery Boxes for you to get a chance at obtaining one of them! 


Here they are: 


Fleeflee Mystery Box

Hero Mystery Box Suit

Super Emotes Mystery Box

Summer Mystery Box

Animated Mystery Box

Summer Mystery Box Suit

Boost Mystery Box

Good Guys vs Supervillains Mystery Box

Moon Mystery Box Suit

Mardi Gras Mystery Box

"In a Right State" Mystery Box


In short, if you buy something in the Shop, you get a free Mystery Box within a Mystery Box and you can redeem it: here. 


Happy WAKFU anniversary month everyone!