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  过去的几个月里,ankama增加了一个新的地图,一个主线任务和一些游戏修正。在努力提高玩家的游戏体验的同时,我们也宣布了服务器合并的通知Nox, Phaeris and Remington。以下是关于合服的最新通知。
The last few months have been exciting for WAKFU. We’ve added a new area, a major questline and numerous improvements to the game. In our effort to improve everyone’s gameplay experience, we have announced a server merge for Nox, Phaeris and Remington. We return to you with an update.

今年年初,我们决定推迟合服是为了让开发团队想出最合适的方法来解决合服会出现的问题,但同时,更新新的内容也是优先考虑的,就如Mount Zinit.





Earlier this year, we have decided to delay the server merge in order to give the team enough time to find the very best solutions, but also to prioritize the release of new content such as Mount Zinit.

This is not the news that we were hoping to share today, but in order to satisfy everyone as we are taking this very seriously, the team has decided to delay the server merge to 2018. We are not willing to have an incomplete process, as we have confirmed with you that you will not lose your game progress: characters, guilds, Haven Worlds, equipment, kamas etc.

We apologize for the additional delay. This is a first for WAKFU and some parts of the game are not compatible with this major change. We therefore have to completely rework these parts. We will come back to you with more information next year.

We are aware of the community concerns: What happens to the server economy? What about the abusive player killing? What about our Haven Worlds? We will answer these questions in due time.

In the meantime you can enjoy the game with your friends without worrying, as the team will do its best in order to provide a smooth server merge for everyone!